1) Send the registration form to our office. This item is not binding and it serves only as a first contact because only
    after making an initial free 10-minute meeting with the teacher you can decide whether to validate the registration
    with payment or to cancel it;

2) when we receive the form, we'll e-mail you to set the first 10-minute free meeting with the teacher.
    Through this first contact the teacher will learn about you, see if the connection works well technically, and assess
    your knowledge of Italian language;

3) if after this first meeting you confirm the lessons marked on the registration form, we'll send an e-mail describing the
    methods of payment;

4) when we receive the payment, we will send confirmation by e-mail and agree on the timetable of lessons.


1) Always be at the computer at the time agreed upon with the teacher;

2) it would be a good idea although not essential, to print the material sent by mail from your teacher. Printed material
    to take up a lesson similar to what you might follow in our school of Treviso;

3) be sure to have pen and paper during class.


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