... il giardino di Venezia 
(Carlo Goldoni)
Located a few kilometres from Venice, Treviso is an extraordinary combination of natural beauty, history, art and fine dining. Treviso is rich in parks and green areas. It rises along the banks of the river Sile, and has often been likened to Venice because of the many waterways which pass through the city, and which contribute unexpectedly enchanting byways in Treviso. 
The city, of Roman ancestry, is encircled by its Venetian walls. The Republic of Venice had earlier assumed an important role as the center of culture, and, combined with an astonishing economic growth, enriched Treviso with magnificent churches,  palaces and frescoed houses, so that the city has gained the name, “the painted city.”
Treviso is further known for its countless works of great art, and for the magical atmosphere which takes a voyager by the hand and leads him along the many bridged streets, into the local restaurants to discover the taste for happiness which the residents of Treviso share, into the multitude of artistic and musical activities which animate the center of the city, and through the delights of its food and drink, such as its famous local radiccio, Tiramisù and Prosecco.
Treviso enjoys a perfect geographic location, since it lies a short distance not only from Venice (25 minutes by train), but also from Padova, Vicenza, and Verona. It is possible to connect to these and other places by means of an efficient network of public transportation. Furthermore, Treviso has its own airport, approximately 5 minutes from the center of the city, from which the voyager may travel to and from principal locations in Europe. Marco Polo airport in Venice is only 30 minutes away from Treviso.
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