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Those wishing to take the exam to qualify for the CILS certificate awarded by the University of Siena for Foreigners (www.unistrasi.it)  or for the CELI certificate of the University of Perugia for Foreigners (www.cvcl.it) are able to prepare themselves with us in a program designed individually to meet their needs.  The most effective preparation for the exam requires specific lessons in which a teacher guides you through simulations, using texts and exercises similar to those which you will encounter during the actual exam. 
This type of instruction is available only in private lessons.

If you wish to take fullest advantage of your period of preparation for the exam, you have the opportunity to attend the school’s group courses as well; in these, which are offered in the morning you can improve both your grammar and your conversational skills.  The specific lessons of exam preparation then follow in the afternoon. 
We advise those wishing both types of instruction to choose the course entitled either “COMBINATION 1” or “COMBINATION 2” specifying that the private lessons which you want to take are in preparation for the CILS or CELI exam.

For further information do not hesitate to contact our secretary’s office.
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