1991 - 2000 
I primi dieci anni della nostra scuola
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The school, E.STI.VE EuroStudi Veneto, was founded in 1991, from the idea of three young teachers in the Veneto, after a variety of experiences in teaching in a variety of schools of the Italian language.  They decided to create their own school in Feltre, in the Veneto.
The choice of Feltre was not casually made. The founders wished to establish a school in a small city which was rich in history, art and nature, far from crowds of tourists, where students could be immersed in a completely Italian atmosphere; where students could practice the language not only in their classes, but also in the stores, in the bars, and in the restaurants. This approach has worked well: thanks to the high level of competence of the instructors, to the family-like atmosphere of the school, and to the cordial acceptance of the school and its students by the residents of Feltre, in just a few years the school has experienced a remarkably high percentage (45%) of students who return repeatedly to study in Feltre.
In 2012 it was decided to offer study at a new school in Treviso, always with the same teaching quality and the same familial atmosphere as the school in Feltre. The choice of Treviso was not made idly. Our intent was to offer the possibility of studying a course in the Italian language in a mid-sized city, rich in events, with an Italian atmosphere, where, as in Feltre, it is very easy to practice the Italian language in a city; and, furthermore, to have in the immediate vicinity a remarkable city such as Venice (25 minutes away by train), as well as the Adriatic Sea.
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