The school issues an attendance certificate in order to allow them to obtain a student visa.

The standard practices for issuing a visa may vary according to the Embassy or Consulate in the country in question. It is therefore advisable to enquire at the relevant Consulate Offices in order to discover exactly what documentation is required.
One is reminded that the Italian Embassies and Consulates abroad only issue study visas longer than three months for enrolments to courses comprising at least 20 hours per week.

The enrolment certificate will be issued by the school upon payment of the total cost of the course, and for the duration of the said course only

Students who wish to enrol must apply for a Study Visa from the Italian Embassy in their country of origin, presenting:
- A certificate of enrolment released by an accredited school for the issuing of visas;
- A healthcare policy that covers the entire period of their stay in Italy;
- Proof of accommodation Ė i.e. either a hotel or guesthouse booking, the availability of an apartment or the willingness of someone to host them 
  (with a handwritten "Letter of Invitation");
- A guarantee of the availability of financial means sufficient for the entire duration of the studentís course/stay in Italy;
- A return plane ticket.

An entry visa is not necessary for citizens of the European Union.

One is reminded that bank charges are payable by the student. Once the visa has been obtained, it is not possible to either cancel or change the dates of the course for which the visa has been awarded. If a student, having entered Italy with a study visa, does not attend lessons without informing the school beforehand, the school will assume the responsibility of informing the police of the said studentís unjustified absence. 
It is necessary to  present within 8 days of arriving in Italy, an application for a Residence Permit to the Immigration Office of the local police headquarters.

1. In the case where a visa application has not been accepted, the school will reimburse to the student any previously-paid amount (less 300 Euros to defray administrative costs, bank transfer fees and any DHL courier costs) as soon as the original document from the Italian consulate is presented. That document from the consulate should state the reason why the visa was not issued. In addition, the student must send to the school, within seven (7) working days from the date of the document from the consulate, the document issued by the consulate denying the visa, together with all original documents sent to the student by the school. These documents must be sent by express courier. If the documents sent by the student are incomplete, or if they are not sent within seven (7) working days, the school will make no reimbursement. No reimbursement will be made without the presentation of original documents from the consulate. 

2. In the case where the student foregoes presenting a request to the Italian consulate for a study visa, or if the student does not attend an appointment there for any personal reason (i.e., personal illness, plan changes, etc.), the student must inform the school immediately by email (eurostudi@italiaservice.com). In this case, the school will reimburse to the student the amount already paid (less 300 Euros for administrative expenses, bank transfer fees, and any DHL courier fees). The student must mail by express courier, within seven (7) working days after the appointment at the consulate, all the original documents sent by the school. If the documents sent by the student are incomplete, or if the documents are mailed after seven (7) working days, the school will make no reimbursement. 

3. In the case where the student arrives at the school to attend a course late in respect to the dates allowed in the study visa, the student will be able to remain in the course only for the weeks remaining as set forth in the study visa. There will be no reimbursement for weeks remaining unused. 

4. In the case where the student has received a visa to study from the Italian embassy and the student decides not to attend a course, the student will not have the right to any reimbursement, nor the right to return at another time not within the dates set forth in the study visa the student might then have.

When a student enrolls in the school E.STI.VE EuroStudiVeneto, the student agrees to respect the aforementioned rules and regulations. Any disputes or disagreements will be settled in Treviso's Tribunal Court. 

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