The primary objective of our courses in Italian is to place every student,even those who are outright beginners, in a siutation of being able to communicate in Italian.  In what way?  First of all by forming small classes of similar-level students.   This approach is fundamental in allowing the assimilation and learning of Italian in an atmosphere which is friendly, relaxed, and –why not?- entertaining.  Our instructors, highly specialized and with years of experience in teaching the Italian language to foreigners, follow an approach to communication which promotes the active participation of the students, and which has communication as its principal objective. 
Throughout the courses, the teaching materials used were for the most produced by our instructors, and are appropriate always to the needs and interests of each individual group of students:specialized tests, grammatical exercises, games, dramatizations and role-playing, songs, newspaper and magazine articles, and videos.  All are put forth to develop the ability to communicate in the Italian language.
To learn a language more quickly, a student  needs to discover that much of what is learned in class may be used quickly in the experience of daily life – in a bar, in a restaurant, in stores, etc.  This is much easier when a student takes a course in a city like Treviso, city not overwhelmed by masses of tourists, where store-owners,waiters and residents are always well disposed to listen to our students when they are trying to ask something in Italian.
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